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Bezdrátový modul REL Arrow pro SW Rel Ti

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pro subwoofery T/9i, T/7i, T5i

REL Arrow - modul pro bezdrátový přenos signálu do SW Rel Ti9/Ti7/Ti5 Proven Performance, Reliable Connectivety REL have quickly acquired a sterling ... celý popis
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Číslo produktu:REL-ARROW
Výrobce:REL Acoustics
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Kompletní specifikace

REL Arrow

- modul pro bezdrátový přenos signálu do SW Rel Ti9/Ti7/Ti5

Proven Performance, Reliable Connectivety

REL have quickly acquired a sterling reputation within the industry for delivering great sounding, reliable wireless delivery of the REL experience. The freedom this confers on our customers is manifold; it permits ultra high performance without the cumbersome tether of a cable, permits careful placement without being limited by the length of a wire and can lead to a better sounding, less cluttered experience.

Zero Compromise, Zero Compression

ArrowTM is our latest zero compression method of distributing wireless and delivers performance similar to our more expensive wireless systems quickly, reliably and without the thin, dried out sound most wireless systems deliver. In part, this is achieved by eliminating the often very slow delivery methods offered by off-the-shelf Bluetooth and wi-fi based systems. Arrow represents something of a cost breakthrough as it uses LSI (large scale integrated circuit chips) technology to lower the cost of our system by about 30% while preserving almost all the performance.


Theater or Stereo

Arrow permits simultaneous distribution of our vaunted HIGH-LEVEL connection AND the .1/LFE needed for high quality theater. In this way, both 2-channel music and multi-channel theater are supported without the need for connecting and disconnecting one’s REL.

The HIGH-LEVEL input is designed to accept the stereo (two-channel) signals from the speaker terminals of your receiver, integrated amplifier or basic amplifier. This has the advantage of ensuring that your subwoofer receives exactly the same signal as the main speakers, which means that the character of the bass from the main system is carried forward into the Sub-Bass System. This is a very important point and together with REL’s Natural RollOffTM circuitry, ensures far superior system integration of the Sub-Bass System with the main system.

Arrow™ Wireless Transmitter

  • Input Connectors: HIGH-LEVEL Neutrik Speakon, LFE single phono

  • Input Impedance: HIGH-LEVEL: 150k, .1/LFE: 10k ohms

  • Wireless output power: 10dBm

  • Wireless effective distance: 15.2 meters with clear line of site

  • Mains Input Voltage: 5V DC, 5.5mm circular connector, positive center

  • Power consumption: 600 mWatts

  • Dimensions (WHD): 130 x 89 x 82.5 mm

  • Finish: Gloss Piano Black

  • Supplied Accessories: Power adapter


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